Budget and Billing Inquiries

Managing a research project can be challenging. Let us help you navigate the financial aspects associated with animal care and use. The Animal Care Program for Lab Animals (ACP-LAB, formerly DAR) can assist investigators and support staff with questions and concerns about budgeting, billing, and per-diem rates.

Budget Consultation

If you’d like assistance with planning the budget for your next project proposal, ACP-LAB (DAR) can:

  • Provide current prices for animal and related supply purchases.
  • Help estimate animal care costs.
  • Estimate costs for special research support services.

Per-Diem Rates

Specific information about per-diem rates, including current rates for animal husbandry, animal acquisition, and research support services, can be found here.


Questions about billing, budget consultations, or requests for billing information should contact:

Billing and Animal Order Inquiries