Animal Care Forms, Checklists, & Templates

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Animal Adoption Checklist

A request for an animal adoption checklist for PIs.

Animal Adoption Checklist28.46 KB
Animal Export Request Form

Form used to request the export of animals to another institution.

export_form-_revisions_05-24.pdf125.76 KB
Animal Import Request Form

Animal Import Request Form: Please submit an animal order request form in ACP-LAB (DAR) BIO system, and choose “import” as the source. Instructions can be found in the ACP-LAB (DAR) BIO instructions.

Instructions and Link for Online ACP-LAB (DAR) BIO form108.13 KB
Client-Owned Animal Usage Reporting Form

Form used to account for client-owned animals.

client_animal_usage_form_2014-2015.doc52 KB
Disposition Form

ACP-AG (former AACUP) record of disposition, euthanasia, or transfer of research/teaching animals at the Large Animal Clinic. 

dispositionform3_002.doc35.5 KB
Environmental Monitoring of Buildings

Form for monitoring agricultural buildings.

environmentalmonitoringofbuildings.xlsx12.75 KB
IACUC Protocol Appendix B: Veterinary Care Plan for Investigator-Provided Veterinary Care

Plan for veterinary care of research and teaching animals by protocol staff.

iacuc_protocol_appendix_b.docx22.59 KB
Individual Animal Treatment

Example of agricultural animal treatment record.

acesindividualanimaltreatmentsheet_000.pdf27.67 KB
Investigator Extended Absence Form

Used to notify the IACUC Office of PI plans to leave the University or be away from campus for an extended period.

ExtendedAbsenceForm_Blank_040224.pdf138.44 KB
Investigator Request for Release of Animal for Adoption

Form for investigators to request for release of an animal or adoption.

investigator_request_for_release_of_animal_for_adoption.docx37.17 KB
Medical Report Form

Laboratory Animal Medical Report

medical_report.doc63 KB
Non-Controlled Drug Supply Request Form

Request form for non-controlled drug supply request form for work to be completed under an approved animal use protocol.

non-controlled_drug_and_supply_request_05-24_0.pdf76.69 KB
Polly Clabaugh Award of Excellence Nomination Form

The Animal Care Program for Laboratory Animals’ Polly Clabaugh Award of Excellence program is designed to recognize ACP-AG employees for their outstanding service to the DAR and the research community.

outstanding_employee_criteria_for_polly_claubaugh_award_updated_10-2015.doc34 KB
Request for Adoption of Purchased Research/Teaching Animals

Request form for the adoption of purchased research/training animals.

request_for_adoption_of_purchased_research_animals.pdf138.69 KB

This form is a tool to assist the principal investigator with the project and protocol.

selfassessment2012.doc36 KB
Surgery Record—Multiple Animals

Use this form to record the procedures conducted with multiple animals.

Surgery Record - Multiple_1.docx25.33 KB
Surgery Record—Single Animal

Use this form to record the procedures conducted with an individual animal.

Transportation of Animals Using a Privately-Owned or Non-Dedicated Fleet Vehicle

Transportation of USDA-covered species requires IACUC inspection of the vehicle PRIOR to use.

transportation_of_animals_-_personal_vehicle_0_0.pdf206.71 KB