Animal Care Forms, Checklists, & Templates

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Animal Adoption Checklist

A request for an animal adoption checklist for PIs.

Animal Adoption Checklist28.46 KB
Animal Export Request Form

Form used to request the export of animals to another institution.

export_form-_revisions_02-12.docx21.72 KB
Animal Import Request Form

Animal Import Request Form: Please submit an animal order request form in DAR BIO system, and choose “import” as the source. Instructions can be found in the DAR BIO instructions.

Instructions and Link for Online DAR BIO form108.13 KB
Carcass Disposition Form

IACUC requires approval by ACCUP of this form when an animal use protocol involves incineration of animal carcasses as well as disposal of animals by any other means (rendering, sale, return to herd, etc).

carcassdispositionformblank.doc36 KB
Client-Owned Animal Usage Reporting Form

Form used to account for client-owned animals.

client_animal_usage_form_2014-2015.doc52 KB
Disposition Form

AACUP record of disposition, euthanasia, or transfer of research/teaching animals at the Large Animal Clinic. 

dispositionform3_002.doc35.5 KB
Environmental Monitoring of Buildings

Form for monitoring agricultural buildings.

environmentalmonitoringofbuildings.xlsx12.75 KB
IACUC Protocol Appendix B: Veterinary Care Plan for Investigator-Provided Veterinary Care

Plan for veterinary care of research and teaching animals by protocol staff.

iacuc_protocol_appendix_b.docx22.59 KB
Individual Animal Treatment

Example of agricultural animal treatment record.

acesindividualanimaltreatmentsheet_000.pdf27.67 KB
Investigator Request for Release of Animal for Adoption

Form for investigators to request for release of an animal or adoption.

investigator_request_for_release_of_animal_for_adoption.docx37.17 KB
Medical Report Form

Laboratory Animal Medical Report

medical_report.doc63 KB
Non-Controlled Drug Supply Request Form

Request form for non-controlled drug supply request form for work to be completed under an approved animal use protocol.

non-controlled_drug_and_supply_request_01-20.docx44.3 KB
Polly Clabaugh Award of Excellence Nomination Form

The Division of Animal Resources’ Polly Clabaugh Award of Excellence program is designed to recognize DAR employees for their outstanding service to the DAR and the research community.

outstanding_employee_criteria_for_polly_claubaugh_award_updated_10-2015.doc34 KB
Request for Adoption of Purchased Research/Teaching Animals

Request form for the adoption of purchased research/training animals.

request_for_adoption_of_purchased_research_animals.pdf138.69 KB

This form is a tool to assist the principal investigator with the project and protocol.

selfassessment2012.doc36 KB
Surgery Record—Multiple Animals

Use this form to record the procedures conducted with multiple animals.

Surgery Record - Multiple.docx25.33 KB
Surgery Record—Single Animal

Use this form to record the procedures conducted with an individual animal.

Transportation of Animals Using a Privately-Owned or Non-Dedicated Fleet Vehicle

Transportation of USDA-covered species requires IACUC inspection of the vehicle PRIOR to use.

transportation_of_animals_-_personal_vehicle_0.pdf199.56 KB