Animal Facility Photography and Videography




Photographs or filming of animals and animal housing or procedural space within the DAR laboratory animal facilities must have prior approval from DAR veterinarians.

Photographs or filming within the campus laboratory animal facilities must have prior approval of the Division of Animal Resources (DAR)veterinarians, and must be in accordance with the following stipulations:

  • Two business days advance notice should be given prior to the requested photo or filming date. Requests may be denied if notice is not provided.
  • The animal care supervisor and member of the veterinary staff must be consulted on the date and time of the photo or filming event. At the discretion of DAR staff, one of them may be present for all photographs being taken or video being filmed.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn by all persons in the photograph or within the video, keeping the species of animal and procedure demonstrated in mind.
  • Appropriate handling and restraint methods for the species must be used.
  • All procedures shown must be described in the approved animal care and use protocol for that particular animal.
  • No references to personal information should be visible in the photograph or video; pay attention to the background and items such as cage cards.
  • Have animals in clean surroundings, clean cages, or clean pens with clean accessories. Water bottles and feeders should be full if visible in the photo or video.
  • The principal investigator (PI) approves all photographs and/or videos to be taken of their animals.
  • No animals that are ill, have visible lesions, or visible research alterations (e.g., implants, tumors) are to be photographed or video recorded without specific permission from the DAR director, facility veterinarian, and the PI.

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