Initiating a New Animal Use Protocol


All research, teaching, and outreach activities involving vertebrate animals at the University of Illinois must receive approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before initiation of the activity.

A resident faculty member acting as the responsible principal investigator (PI) must prepare and submit a protocol once the need to use animal subjects is determined. The PI will login to the IACUC Online Protocols system to create a new protocol. The lead faculty member on the project must be the person that starts the process because the system will automatically assign the role of PI to the creator of the protocol. Once created, the PI can assign "Senior Personnel" who will have access to edit and complete the remainder of the protocol. The PI has sole responsibility for the content of the protocol and is the only person that may submit the completed protocol. 

Information Required for Completing a Protocol

  • Project overview
  • List of species, sources and numbers (view approved sources)
  • Rationale for the species
  • Rationale for the number of animals (view the regulation)
  • Description of use
  • Exceptions to policies, standards, or procedures
  • Regulated agents
  • Surgical procedures
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Minimization of pain
  • Veterinary care
  • Care and use facilities
  • Field studies
  • Disposition of animals
  • Ag animal usage
  • Funding sources
  • Personnel participation and experience

All individuals listed in the protocol will need to complete mandatory training. See the training requirements for Animal Care and Use


IACUC Specialists can assist with the completion of protocols and answer questions. Contact the IACUC Office at 217-333-7789 or

Access the Online Protocols System