Standards and Procedures

Adding Project Personnel to a Protocol, Instructions for


Every individual who will have direct contact with live animals on any given protocol MUST be listed as project personnel on each protocol they will participate in.

  1. To add personnel to your protocol, go to the IACUC Online Protocols system. On the Title page of the protocol, click “Assign a Project Member” or “Assign a Senior Member” button in the appropriate personnel section. Note: Senior members must be affiliated with University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and are limited to three persons. Once you have added the new personnel, click "Save."
  2. Next, go to Section 17 to include the training and experience pertaining to the species to be used and the specific procedures to be performed by the new personnel. If the individual(s) you are adding to your project personnel do not have training and/or experience, please provide a description of the training they will receive and who will provide that training. Failure to include this training information will delay approval of your project personnel.
  3. Once all information is completed, click “Submit amendment” at the top of any page. Changes to protocols cannot be processed until the changes have been submitted.

New individual(s) must also enroll in the Occupational Health and Safety Program and they need to complete the Basic Training Program for Animal Users. Each person’s current training status is displayed on the Title page.

Please remember that new project personnel are not authorized to work with animals until all of the above steps have been completed AND you have received notification from the IACUC office that the amendment to add the individual(s) to the protocol has been approved.

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