Standards and Procedures

Guidelines for Implementation of DAR Policy on Export of Laboratory Animals


The process for implementing the DAR policy regarding the export of laboratory animals is outlined below. 

Guidelines for Implementation

  1. Download the DAR Animal Export Request form.
  2. Provide all requested information and submit completed forms electronically to DAR via email. If someone other than the UIUC investigator submits the form, the investigator must be copied on the emailed submission.
  3. Within five business days from receipt of the completed Export Request Form, DAR will provide the receiving institution’s laboratory animal veterinarian with documentation of health status. All information provided is based upon the health surveillance sentinel program. Additional testing may be requested by the receiving institution.
  4. The receiving institution must provide DAR written approval from their laboratory animal veterinarian or import/export coordinator. DAR will not authorize the shipment until written approval has been received.
  5. The UIUC investigator and facility supervisor will be notified promptly of the approval to ship.
  6. DAR must be notified when the animals have left the facility.

Please note the approval process and shipping could take several weeks to complete based on the receiving institution’s response time and potential weather restrictions.

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