Dog Housing Policy in Laboratory Animal Facilities




The maximum number of dogs that can be housed within UIUC laboratory animal facilities at any given time will be determined by the ACP-LAB (formerly DAR) veterinary staff, animal facility operations coordinator, and animal care coordinator.

Prior to ordering dogs, researchers must:

  • Contact a ACP-LAB veterinarian to ensure there is sufficient space for housing.
  • Have an approved IACUC protocol in place.

Dogs at the age of seven years should be placed for adoption. If a dog is currently on a research study, then it may continue to be part of that study, provided that the study is less than one year in duration. If it is desired to place the dog on a geriatric research project, there must be scientific justification, available housing for the duration of the study, and endpoint criteria for removal from the study in an IACUC approved protocol.

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