Mandatory Training Requirements

Mandatory Training

IACUC Training

All individuals involved in research or teaching activities that use animals must complete the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) online training module Basic Training Program for Animal Users.

Basic Training Program for Animal Users

OHS Training

The Animal Care and Use Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program is also mandatory, and all participants must complete the Animal Care and Use Risk Assessment form on this site, which is used to evaluate the possible health risks due to animal exposures and occupational hazards. Depending on the project, participants may be required to follow the Division of Research Safety (DRS) Biological Safety Training.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

Animal Care and Use Risk Assessment

Biological Safety Training

Access to Training

The portal to access the mandatory programs and forms requires ID authentication. Access is restricted to University of Illinois faculty, students, staff, and authorized guest users. Contact the IACUC or OHS staff to set up a guest account.

The training must be renewed every three years. Risk Assessment Forms must be updated if exposures have changed due to change in research and/or employment.

OHS participants with frequent or substantial contact with animals or work in animal facilities are required to complete the confidential Health Screening Questionnaire, which will be used to identify potential additional risks. The Animal Care and Use Program medical reviewer will review the form and communicate information directly to the participant.